The most resilient companies and institutions of today are not machines, they are wonderfully complex organisms. They require intentional leadership and thoughtful nurturing. ‘Chief Decision Maker’ no longer cuts it. Instead, a new kind of leader is emerging whose attributes are energetically described in Rise of the DEO. Here is an inspirational and accessible code-base for effective leadership in the 21st century.
— Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO
Businesses and governments have discovered the power of a creative mind to effect change and produce value. Experts note that CEOs who possess a design sensibility—or trust others who do—are best suited to thrive in a changing world. Yet not until Rise of the DEO has anyone captured the true potential of a design-oriented thinker at the highest level of an organization. Maria Giudice and Christopher Ireland have written a seminal work that will transform the role of the designer and the pace of innovation. This book is a must read.
— Richard Grefé, Executive Director, AIGA
Our cities need leaders driven by dreams and data. Rise of the DEO shows us who these leaders are and how we can create more of them.
— Jay Nath, Chief Innovation Officer, San Francisco Mayor's Office
Rise of the DEO identifies a new generation of leaders who combine traits we typically think of as opposites. They are analytic and creative. They are rule breakers and system thinkers. These are the men and women who will change our world for the better.
— Chip Conley, Founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality and author of PEAK
Rise of the DEO goes beyond the traditional principles of leadership to the fresh and nuanced world of intuition, social intelligence and compelling messaging—the place where leaders increasingly find breakthroughs that engage contemporary talent and organizations.  I’ve added this book to my toolkit and started introducing its suggestions into a range of coaching, talent management and organization effectiveness activities.
— Joe Herold, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Rentech, Inc.
Giudice and Ireland provide a simple, detailed path to becoming a successful creative leader. The DEO chooses to lead out in the open instead of from behind a closed door, to fail fast instead of fear failing, to care for the micro-details instead of micromanaging. Their creative collaboration is certain to spark a new generation of executives who learn to lead as designers, and designers who might make their way to becoming the next DEO.
— John Maeda, Author of Laws of Simplicity and Redesigning Leadership, President, Rhode Island School of Design