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The most resilient companies and institutions of today are not machines, they are wonderfully complex organisms. They require intentional leadership and thoughtful nurturing. ‘Chief Decision Maker’ no longer cuts it. Instead, a new kind of leader is emerging whose attributes are energetically described in Rise of the DEO. Here is an inspirational and accessible code-base for effective leadership in the 21st century.
— Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO
Businesses and governments have discovered the power of a creative mind to effect change and produce value. Experts note that CEOs who possess a design sensibility—or trust others who do—are best suited to thrive in a changing world. Yet not until Rise of the DEO has anyone captured the true potential of a design-oriented thinker at the highest level of an organization. Maria Giudice and Christopher Ireland have written a seminal work that will transform the role of the designer and the pace of innovation. This book is a must read.
— Richard Grefé, Executive Director, AIGA