This is so me.

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As people begin reading Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design and send us their reactions, we are struck by how many say something like this:

“This book so describes me. My whole life I have felt alone in how I lead.”

Or this:

“I see myself on these pages. I never felt comfortable calling myself a CEO. Now I know it’s because I’m a DEO.”

These quotes come from well-regarded leaders with wide acclaim. Nevertheless, they felt untethered and adrift in their leadership decisions because they didn’t match the mainstream. They weren’t “command and control” leaders; nor were they “anything goes” leaders. 

That’s how we felt, but we didn’t know if it was because we were female, because we were rebellious, or because we weren’t technologists or financial wizards. What we learned—and what we’re sharing—is that we felt alone because we were choosing a new form of leadership. We don’t feel so alone anymore.